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In Your Work, Are You Fascinated?

The purpose-driven, fascinated employee partners with executives, managers and fellow-employees to create an environment where the positive dynamics within their organization equals to, or surpasses, the dynamics without. For this to occur, managers must understand how to transform workgroups from being mere places to work and earn a paycheck, to places where employees are challenged and encouraged to unlock more and more of their talent; to understand how their work can be aligned to fulfill their life’s purpose, and to use collaboration and job-sculpting to create their own dream jobs.

Come and learn how four unique people can help you turn your workgroups into centers of fascination.

Through anecdotes, use of humor, recent research, and specific examples from his books, Ken Tucker will provide tools and strategies proven to help employees find, clarify and connect individual purpose and meaning to their work.

Learning Outcomes

  • Build your influence and effectiveness in the areas of talent development, effective leadership influence, motivating and developing employees.
  • Develop and implement strategies for developing your co-leader relationships
  • Return to your workplace having answered these questions:
    • Do I have what it takes to be an expert People-Picker?
    • Are there Possibility-Vendors in my organization?
    • How can I be an effective partner to the Dream-Maker manager/employee?
    • How can I identify and develop the Leader-Leader?

Who Should Attend

All employees, Executives, Human Resources Professionals, Division/Department heads and Managers,  who want to enhance individual and organizational performance.


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