Animals, Inc

Animals-Inc-881641 2With its previous bestsellers – First, Break All the Rules and Now, Discover Your Strengths – The Gallup Organization rewrote the book on great management. Now Gallup finally makes its classic, hilarious parable, ANIMALS, INC., available to the general public. A story that has proven effective and popular with Gallup clients for over thirty years, this tale introduces you to a group of unforgettable barnyard animals trying to run a successful business. Deciding that education is the key, the members of Animals, Inc. conduct employee surveys, evaluate competencies, and set up training classes.

Filled with the excitement and hope that accompany any new project, they work hard to overcome their natural shortcomings. The workhorse tries to operate the computer, the shy sheep makes sales calls, the scarecrow attempts to lay eggs. What results will seem uncannily familiar to the human reader. As revelatory as Who Moved My Cheese? and as funny as Fish!, ANIMALS, INC. will have you laughing and learning at the same time. Recharge your thinking with invaluable practical insights. Get an edge in the business world you won?t discover anywhere else. And discover the key to effective management, reenergized morale, and super-heightened performance. Just listen to the animals.

Managers and small business owners who are overwhelmed by the number of business books on the shelves today should turn to this humorous business parable, which is delightfully dramatized by Ward. When Farmer Good decides to retire, his animals take on the business themselves. This proves to be no easy task, however, even for a seasoned pig like Moe. Moe makes his biggest mistake early on-he values the knowledge he gleans from business books over common sense. Moe sets up training classes, believing that any animal can fill any role with suitable education. Thus, the Scarecrow is promoted to egg production, and Chucky the crow fills the Scarecrow’s old security position, which proves to be disastrous. All the while, one power-hungry land developer watches and waits for the farm to fail. The authors’ message-use your common sense-is simplistic, but their characterizations are as memorable as Ward’s performance. Ward has the uncanny ability to make listeners feel right at home with the animals on the farm, and he does an exceptional job of drawing out the humor in the text (his rendition of Piggy Banks’s rap number is especially side-splitting). Enhanced by animal sound effects and snippets of folk music, this spunky farm fable will charm both adults and children.


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