Client Raves

Ken uses funny stories to illustrate important lessons which help you to see yourself in a different light. I am a changed manager as a result of his influence.

Bill Pilson, Manager, Sommerville Medical Center

I attended Ken’s event at my husbands company, I was surprised that his message was so applicable to me. I took away very important strategies to help my teenagers focus more on using their unique differences as a way to succeed.

Housewife, Aultman Healthcare Foundation

As a Phd. Student, I spend a lot of time examining theories about leadership and management. Ken Tucker, shook me up. For the first time I realized that leadership was not something just to study, but rather that which I am personally called to live and to practice.

Anthony Stahl, Andrews University

Ken Tucker has fresh, insightful and practical strategies every year as he speaks at our conferences. It is not easy to keep any large group engaged, it is even more difficult to keep a large group of scholars interested. Ken does this for 8 hours straight, so much so, that at times the group has given him a standing ovation! His message is important, inspirational and for some of our attendees, life-changing.

Brad Miller, AACP

We are a group of construction workers, hands on type guys. We really do not like sitting around talking or listening…we like building. But when Ken Tucker speaks we sit and listen, and learn. He has a way of making sense. And he makes us laugh. And we leave his sessions to go do our work even better.

John Scott, Scott-Long Construction

Recently Ken provided a feedback session with all of our directors.  He demonstrated where we need to be and how to get there.  Ownership, responsibility and accountability were the key areas for change and Ken was the driving force behind the excitement that was generated during our session.  He is a great speaker and we have always enjoyed is honest approach to building relationships with all of our management team.  I would recommend Ken for any type of challenge offered.  He is one of the Best I have ever worked with.

James H. Jones, Ph.D., Sr. VP. Human Resources, Trident Health System