YourID 2

There are certain things you, and only you, can do.

You have a distinctive 5% capacity that can change your life, your work, your relationships and – just maybe – the world.

Your Intentional Difference: One Word Changes Everything, will help you discover and apply this incredible power.


Most people do notknow their I.D., their Intentional Difference. 85% of what we are capable of doing, most people can do. 10% of what we are capable of doing, select others can be trained to do. 5% of what we are capable of doing, only we can do the way we do it. This is our Intentional Difference.

If we spent 95% of our time in our 5%, we would change the world by increasing our level of success.

Your Intentional Difference shows you how.

-Shows business leaders, passionate volunteers, busy dads, and soccer moms alike how to leverage their 5% uniqueness.

-Illustrates six dimensions of life that, when leveraged, can change your  world, and the world.

-Offers unmistakable marker moments that teach you how to increase professional and relationship success.

-Brings together the best of positive psychology with the carefully-examined life.



Business Professionals; Educational Professionals; High School and College Students; Any individual in transition or looking to discover and unleash more fully their potential.